We are committed to the safe and responsible management of liquid waste removal in Queensland and New South Wales

* Septic tank cleaning/pump

*Home treatment plants pump out

*Grey water cleaning/pump

* Holding tank cleaning

* Bulk liquid waste removal

We are committed to the safe and responsible management of liquid waste removal in Queensland and New South Wales



DC Vacuum Pumping Services

DC Vacuum Pumping is a family owned and operated business servicing Queensland, New South Wales and beyond. We are committed to the safe and responsible management of liquid waste removal, helping to make households, businesses and construction sites safer and cleaner.

Our “if you are not happy, then we are not happy” approach has been the cornerstone of our business. With our highly dedicated team combined with our safe and modern equipment, we will make short work of any job big or small. Our expertise in liquid waste removal will ensure you’re perfectly satisfied with the end result.


DC Vacuum Pumping is a family-owned and operated business servicing Queensland and Northern New South Wales


At DC Vacuum Pumping Services, we specialise in domestic & commercial liquid waste removal, high pressure cleaning and non destructive digging


Our hire equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly to ensure optimal and efficient performance onsite

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Domestic & Commercial Waste Services

Liquid waste removal is essential not just for commercial applications, but for homes and farms too. Vacuum excavation is necessary for many applications, from septic pumping to grease traps cleaning and much more. Liquid waste such as fats, oils, grease and wastewater can build up over the months or years, and if left unchecked can cause blockages and pose health risks as well as potentially damaging the environment. With our specialist techniques such as vacuum/hydro excavation and jet rodding, we can help keep septic tanks, grease traps and more in good working order.

Commercial Waste Services

Many companies in various industries generate plenty of liquid waste materials as a by-product of their work, from construction and mining to manufacturing and many more. To maintain a safe and healthy workspace, as well as protecting the environment, this waste needs to be removed safely and efficiently. Our sucker trucks can also be used for vacuum excavation - helping to quickly remove and transfer soil on construction sites. These are just a few of the applications our services can be used for:

  • Sewer Treatment Plants
  • Pump Stations
  • Sludge
  • Drill Mud
  • High-Pressure Water Blasting
  • Jet Rodding 
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Site Spills


Our Equipment Hire

At DC Vacuum Pumping Services, we have modern and safe equipment available for all types of domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Jet rodding, drilling mud, non-destructive digging and high-pressure cleaning services are available for your needs and getting the job done.


More than just digging, our vacuum trucks can also tackle sludge, sewage and mud removal


Similar to a high-pressure cleaning, our jet rodders are drain clearing experts


Our hire equipment is well maintained and serviced regularly to ensure optimal performance

DC Vacuum Pumping Services Truck & High Presure Water Blaster
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Safety First

When undertaking any liquid waste removal jobs, it’s essential that it is carried out with the utmost care and consideration for the surroundings, including people, wildlife and the natural environment. We always take necessary precautions to minimise the impact and disruption of our work. We’re also very safety conscious, employing highly trained and experienced operators and carry out regular maintenance. We stay on top of all relevant regulations too, so you can have peace of mind while we’re on the job.

Where We Operate

We service homes and businesses in various areas of Queensland and New South Wales, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Logan and many more. If you’re not sure whether we travel to your location please speak to us and we’ll let you know.

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