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With more than a decade of experience and knowledge working with liquid waste management and septic tank cleaning service.

Liquid Waste Removal

Professional liquid waste removal actions from DC Vacuum Pumping Services

From Brisbane and Logan to Toowoomba, and across both Gold and Sunshine Coasts and beyond, our family friendly local business offers unmatched septic tank waste removal, grease tap, sewer drain, and grey water tank cleaning and other holding tanks services.

Why choose DC Vacuum Pumping Services for your liquid waste removal needs?

With more than a decade of experience and knowledge working with liquid waste management, we always take the time to clearly understand exactly the services you require, delivering them at a timely and efficient manner. Offering septic tank waste removal, grease trap, sewer drain and grey water tank cleaning, we can work 24/7 throughout the year giving you professional services at competitive rates. We are passionately environmentally conscious and are fully committed to the safe and responsible management of our liquid waste removal processes.

Our fully trained, highly competent, and experienced operators are paired with proactively maintained machines - all subject to rigorous checks each working day. As you would expect, we are both EPA licensed and fully insured, so if you need any assistance with septic tank waste removal, we are your number one choice. We are a trusted and regularly recommended service provider for many local family households, agriculture, and other small businesses, plus large commercial and industrial organisations across both QLD and NSW.

As well as routine liquid waste removal services, we respond quickly to what can often be distressing emergency situations.


Key liquid waste removal services professionally delivered

Septic tank cleaning and waste removal

We appreciate how essential a clean and fully functioning septic tank is for your home, farm, or for many industries. Septic tanks are your onsite sewage facility, where both settling and anaerobic processes moderately decompose solids and organics. The resulting sludge needs to be pumped out on a regular basis, otherwise outlet pipes, trenches or drain fields can become blocked. This can lead to fluid back up and then overflow. Our professional pumping processes achieve septic tank waste removal, keeping them in excellent working order.

Home Treatment Plant Clean and Pump Outs

As sustainable living and eco-friendly house become more popular, so too are home treatment plants. These systems need regular clean outs and pump outs for maintenance. DC Vacuum Pumping specialises in the safe removal of all home treatment plant material. To keep your home treatment plant functioning well and free of clogging and blockages call us today to schedule in a clean out for your home treatment plant. We operate throughout SE QLD, particularly all areas around Brisbane, Beaudesert, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich and many more areas.

Grease trap cleaning

Round or rectangular grease traps are located outside your building, often dug into the ground close to the kitchen. They collect both kitchen sink and dishwasher liquid waste. Grease floats to the top and remains there, allowing the cleaner liquid to leave. Even careful use of your sink or dishwasher means that this grease trap should be emptied two to four times each year.

Grey water tank clearing

Generated from baths, showers laundry and the like, a submerged pump will remove clean water. More solid deposits settle in the bottom, below the level of this pump, meaning that this sludge can build up, otherwise known as grey water. Grey water tank cleaning should be done once or twice a year, before it reaches the bottom level of this pump.

Holding Tank Clean Outs and Pump Out

DC Vacuum Pumping regularly undertakes holding tank clean outs for Domestic and Industrial applications. Holding tanks can be difficult and sometimes dangerous to clean depending on the nature of the material in the tank. DC Vacuum Pumping uses highly skilled and experienced operators as well as well maintained equipment to ensure all kinds of holding tank pump outs and cleans are performed safely. If you need your holding tank cleaned out at your residence or business please contact us today. We operate in a wide area around Brisbane, Logan, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Ipswich and throughout SE Queensland.

Site Spills and Industrial Clean up

Sometimes unfortunate incidents happen on site which involve liquid and fluid spills. These can represent significant safety and environmental risk if not cleaned up FAST. DC Vacuum Pumping is experienced in a wide variety of liquid waste spills, site spills with industrial and commercial liquids. We are experienced and ready to perform emergency site spill clean ups throughout SE Queensland. We can quickly mobilise to any areas in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Yatala and any other areas in SE QLD.

DC Vacuum Pumping Services truck-tilt
DC Vacuum Pumping Services settlement tank

Enjoy free advice and no-obligation quotes from our DC Vacuum Pumping Services team

Whether for routine or emergency holding tank, septic tank waste removal, sewer drain, grease trap or grey water tank cleaning, for your property in and around South East Queensland, we are easily reached on (07) 3186 9766 or by providing details in a message on our contact page.

We're happy to answer any questions and offer valuable advice, and a free quotation, for any work you need.


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