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  • Safety glasses are worn at all times
  • The nozzle is never pointed at someone or a pet
  • The pressure cleaner is never used on a ladder
  • The water is never sprayed near or on electrical outlets
  • The pressure of the water is never tested on yourself or someone else

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

A wide angled nozzle will best suit large surfaces of brick or concrete. The most efficient technique to clean these areas is to hold the nozzle around 30cm from the surface and in sweeping motions, clean the area section at a dime to prevent damage and reduce streaking.

Brick and Concrete

To remove mould and moss, the pressure cleaner should be used at a low pressure, to ensure you do not lose balance and fall, and to limit the risk of damaging the surface.

If you’d prefer to purchase or hire your own pressure cleaner, keep in mind there are risks, both to yourself and to the surface being cleaned. It is important to make sure:

If DIY is the route for you

If used wrong, the pressure of the water can dent or erode surfaces, whilst incorrect cleaning agents and the use of the wrong attachments can damage the surface being worked on. It is always important to first test the pressure with the nozzle a metre away from the test section of the surface, then slowly move the nozzle closer to the surface making sure this distance is not damaging the surface or creating excessive spray back. So, it is a good idea to hire a professional to limit the damage and ensure the best results in the most efficient and safe way.

The power of the pressure cleaner is determined by a combination of the pressure of the water flow (psi or bar) and the amount of water flowing (litre per minute). When flow is increased, so too is power and speed all the while keeping the pressure constant. When comparing your options, keep in mind that DIY cleaners have a water flow of 6 to 8 litres/min whereas an industrial heavy-duty unit has a water flow of 10 to 40 litres/min ensuring the job is completed to a high standard in a timely manner.

There are also many risks associated with the power behind a pressure cleaner and the use of water with electricity and your surroundings. Our team are trained in all areas of pressure cleaners, meaning one less worry for you!


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Pressure treated wood is soft, so it is important to start on a low pressure to make sure no etchings are marked into the wood. On wood decking, it is also important to work with the grain of the wood along the length of each board. The patio brush is useful for scrubbing the surface. Paint can be stripped from the decking also on a higher pressure.

What can be cleaned with a high pressure water cleaner?

Mould and mildew covered concrete can be combatted by covering the surface in detergent or soapy water followed by a low pressure clean to wash off the solution. Grease stains can also be spot cleaned using a pencil nozzle.



A high pressure water cleaner can be used to refresh a range of surfaces. This can include pavers, bricks, wood, stone and grout, and can be located anywhere from your driveway or deck, to a roof, or blocked plumbing system. The water cleaner restores the surface to its original form by removing mildew and moss, mud, oil, mould and lichen, and even grease.


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