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How to Take Care of your Home Sewage Treatment Plant


  • Perform Regular Inspections - You want to make a point to perform routine inspections on your HSTP at least once a month. Also, you should keep very accurate records of your setup, including your inspection dates, system maintenance and a diagram of the system itself.
  • Pump Out Your HSTP Routinely - The standard rule for treatment plan cleaning is to pump it out every one to three years. This helps to ensure that any solid waste materials get broken down properly and won't cause a clog in your home sewage treatment plant's drain field.
  • Monitor Usage - You want to conserve your water usage and monitor it. If you add too much water into the system and it can't process it, you'll end up with a backup. This is a hazardous and filthy occurrence.
  • Refrain from Using Chemicals - You can use a normal amount of bleaches, household detergents and drain cleaners in your biocycle treatment plan without a problem. However, you want to refrain from dumping a ton of chemicals in because it can cause corrosion.
  • Don't Add Non-Decomposable Materials - One fast way to get clogs in your domestic sewage treatment system is by adding non-decomposable materials to it. You want to avoid adding cooking fats, coffee grounds, facial tissues, sanitary products, used nappies, wet-strength paper towels and cigarette butts.

    If you need your HSTP cleaned and maintained in Byron Bay, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, our staff can help. We have the correct tools, knowledge and experience to quickly and easily complete this task and prevent disastrous leaks, backups and damage. Contact us today to find out more!

    Allow DC Vacuum Pumping to Perform Your Treatment Plant Cleaning

    Most of our tips to help you take care of your home sewage treatment plant are self-explanatory, but it's still a good idea to list them all. This way, you can go through the list and see which ones you need to brush up on to keep your biocycle treatment plant in great working order.

      Steps to Maintain Your HSTP in Brisbane from DC Vacuum Pumping

      For those that live in a rural area, you're most likely very familiar with the concept of a septic tank or home sewage treatment plant systems. It's very common in areas where access to a traditional municipal sewer system isn't available or practical from an economic standpoint. It's out of sight, odourless and usually out of mind as long as you maintain it properly.

      Your domestic sewage treatment system is reasonably free of maintenance. As long as it's properly maintained and well-constructed, it could last decades. We've pulled together a few simple rules that can help you make your HSTP trouble-free for years to come.


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