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Non Destructive Digging

Expert non-destructive digging solutions from DC Vacuum Pumping Services

There are a range of names for the processes involved in non-destructive digging. You might hear the process known as soft digging or vacuum excavation. However it's titled, the aim is to deliver a non-mechanical and non-destructive cleaning process. This uses pressurised water, air, and a vacuum source to remove the materials causing a blockage or similar problem.

About our non-destructive digging processes

Using pressurised water and a high flow rate of moving air, this proven system both excavates and then evacuates native soils in a carefully controlled flow. The resulting soil and water slurry combination is carried through an 8-inch diameter tube to our waiting sucker truck debris tank. Our DC Vacuum Plumbing Services fleet is comprised of leading marques such as Western Star and others.

Key benefits of this non-destructive vacuum excavation process

  • Swift, clean and exact, almost surgeon-like, evacuation processes
  • Less need for expensive labour, or backfill and restoration operations
  • Reduced environmental impact compared to traditional digging methods

With non-destructive digging, only the material necessary for the inspection, clearance or repair processes is removed, compared to the use of an excavator or back hoe bucket, which are inevitably much less accurate, and likely to cause much more disruption or damage to your home property, business or work site.


Choosing DC Vacuum Pumping Services for vacuum digging work

Our team is ready to work 24/7 to get the work completed on time and just when you need it. From our Woodhill base, we cover Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast, work in Brisbane, Logan or Toowoomba, and elsewhere across south-east Queensland and northeast New South Wales. We are ready to climb aboard one of our sucker trucks and deliver the most professional of vacuum digging and non-destructive excavation services.

We have been providing non-destructive digging services for more than a decade of experience right across this area, working at residential and farming properties, as well as business, commercial, industrial and other organisations of all sizes, we are ready to carry out your work with a quick and recognised confidence. This is why we are trusted by many of our customers and regularly recommended.

Our highly trained team are matched with superbly maintained and serviced vehicles and equipment; each vehicle rigorously checked each day before use. Providing professional vacuum excavation services we are always environmentally-conscious, both fully insured, and EPA licensed.


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