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Whether you're tunnelling in Brisbane or trenching on the Gold Coast, our fleet of vacuum trucks are ready to hire for your next job.

Vacuum trucks for hire

Non destructive digging is fast becoming the world's favourite way to create tunnels, trenches and holes.

Vacuum excavation is, without a doubt, the safest and most efficient form of excavation the world has ever seen. Using high-pressure water and powerful vacuums to dislodge and remove earth, you'll quickly have the trench you're after, thanks to the friendly and experienced team at DC Vacuum Pumping Services.

More than just digging, our vacuum trucks can also tackle sludge, sewage and mud removal to give you the clean slate you need to begin your next job.

The value of hydro-excavation

One of the biggest advantages to hydro-excavation is the safety it provides when working around underground cables. Our hydrovac trucks will remove whatever is around the cables without disturbing them - keeping you and your team safe and sound, even if you didn't know the cable was there in the first place!

More than that, the advantage of vacuum excavation is in its pure power. Readily able to excavate large amounts of soil and dirt, that power can also be applied to quickly clean up any sludge, sewage or muddy water that's standing between you and your project.

DC Vacuum Pumping Services trailer
DC Vacuum Pumping Services At a standby Brisbane

The DC Vacuum Pumping Services difference

Our 12,000L vacuum truck is equipped with a 5000psi high pressure jet and water tank, and can come with an extra 12,000L dog trailer, giving you a one-stop solution for whenever you need a sucker truck.

We're about more than just the equipment you hire. When you rent a hydrovac truck from DC Vacuum Pumping Services, you're getting an experienced and passionate team, who know how to beat the challenges you'll face, while also protecting your staff and your environment.

Safety is always our number one priority in every aspect of our work. Our sucker trucks are inspected every morning, and undergo an even more thorough inspection after each and every rental. Our hydrovac trucks are also maintained according to a strict schedule, to ensure you're always getting the best piece of equipment possible.

Queensland born and bred

Since 2012, DC Vacuum Pumping Services has been providing high quality hydro-excavation trucks for hire to the people of Queensland. We've worked extensively across Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Logan. We're always happy to travel though, so don't be afraid to get in touch even if you are a little further out.

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Contact us now for free and friendly advice and no-obligation quotations

A call to (07) 5543 1784, or through our contact page here, and we can discuss your needs, answer any questions, and then make professional suggestions to meet your non-destructive vacuum excavation, and digging requirements. What would you like to know?


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